The Introduction

Hey everyone!  So, it would appear that I have some followers at this point in my blogosphere.  Can I even use that term about my own blog?  I’m not sure. 

Anyways!  I decided to introduce myself.  I am Hannah, or shinybadguys to the Twitter and Tumblr world.  My name comes from the film Serenity, it is a quote that Jayne says near the beginning of the film, that I decided to turn into a name. 

If you haven’t guessed yet from my relentless plugging of anything Joss Whedon, I think he’s awesome.  I think he’s a God among men, and I am happy to call him my hero.  I would one day love to meet him, and just chat about life.  I feel like we would get along but, I’m sure a lot of people think that and who knows!  Perhaps we wouldn’t get along and all of my dreams would be crushed/dashed/exploded into a million, bagillion pieces.  Phew.  Sorry… got a little off track there. 

I am a film student in Toronto, and currently work as an intern, but that gig is up soon and I will be returning to school.  Although, I am hoping to then return to my intern gig, as it is paid, when school is over and I am forced to become a grown up and enter the real world. 

I will be adding to this blog every week (probably every day) with fun things, some writing/thoughts here and there, and will eventually be adding new blogs for two short films I will be working on in the near future.  I hope you take a look, and follow along throughout production.  Each blog will be added to my side bar as it is created.

Thanks for following me!  Whether it’s because you like my gifs (which are very addictive and I will be make more in the near future) or really for whatever reason.  You are awesome, and I give you high fives all around.